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Briggs Toilet Parts

62-8 Ballcock Assembly

62-8-75 Ballcock Assembly

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Depending on the date of manufacture, either one of the units shown above will be in your toilet. If the entire 62-8-75 ballcock is being replaced, order 62-8 ballcock and the SP-6 tank lever.  See below for details on substitutions for individual parts.

Kit 5129 (SP-29) Kit 5188 (SP-88) #75 Flush Valve
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The two flush valves pictured above were used in several of these models, depending on the date of manufacture.  If the flush valve is in need of replacement, we recommend using the
#75 flush valve.

Diverter Assembly 5161 (SP-61) Diverter Assembly 5130 (SP-30)

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NOTE: Diverter assemblies 5161 and 5130 are no longer available. If replacement is necessary, order diverter assembly 5130M and the SP-6 tank lever.  The 5130M diverter is the same as the 5161 diverter pictured above, with the addition of a lower elbow, the connecting tube and clamps. (shown at right) ▪▪▪▪▪► 5130m.JPG (3080 bytes)
Kit 5101 (SP-1) Kit 5420

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Kit Includes:  Plunger assembly, Seat, Vent disc, Volume control and Cap o-ring.
Kit 5076 - Volume Control Plug

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Kit 5107 (SP-7)

Kit 5106 (SP-6) Kit 5190 (SP-90)
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Used in front-lever Briggs models 6000,6005 and 6006 and Case models 3200, 9000 and 9100. Used in Briggs models 6001,6002 and 6011 and Case model 4300.  Also used to replace SP-90 when replacing SP-30 diverter. Used in all Briggs and Case models with front-lever and 62-8-75 ballcock assembly.
Kit 5108 (SP-8) Kit 5173 (SP-73) Kit 5169 (SP-69)
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Used in side push-button Briggs models 6005 and 6006 and Case models 9000 and 9100. Used with #75 flush valve. Used with SP-29 flush valve.
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